S2E3: SEO + AI + Revenue-driven Featuring Tom Winter

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What do AI and SEO have in common? A lot.

Tom Winter dives deep into the role of marketing in driving revenue, using AI for SEO and content, and the significance of pricing in marketing.

I learned a lot from Tom and think you will too.

In our conversation, Tom touches on how:
  • Marketing should drive revenue and have a measurable impact on the company's goals.
  • Embracing failure and learning from mistakes is essential for growth and improvement.
  • Pricing plays a significant role in marketing and should encourage value and usage rather than limiting it. 
  • To work effectively with AI, think about how you can add value and treat AI as a teammate.
  • Sharing knowledge and secrets can bring greater value and opportunities.

00:00 // The Role of Marketing in Driving Revenue
03:10 // Defining Metrics and Goals in Marketing
05:45 // Embracing Failure and Learning from Mistakes
08:19 // The Importance of Pricing in Marketing
12:59 // The Future of SEO and Search
20:36 // The Marriage of AI and SEO
25:24 // Using AI as a Co-Writer
28:58 // The Implications of AI in Marketing
36:13 // The Future of Voice Search
38:58 // Leveraging AI in SEO
39:52 // Optimizing SEO and Website Content
42:46 // Using AI as a Search Engine
45:17 // Adding Value with AI
46:34 // Treating AI as a Teammate
47:23 // The Importance of Context
48:01 // The Value of Sharing
51:01 // Understanding People and Emotions
53:04 // The Joy of Learning



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S2E3: SEO + AI + Revenue-driven Featuring Tom Winter
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